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2009-07-02 01:20:06 by Crosswinds

Ok, all who read this, i'm not gonna lie to you: I'm pissed.

Why? let's back up a bit.

I work a lot of hours in a movie theater behind the counter at the concessions bar (food, drinks, ect). And for a while, i was pretty happy. Until I was introduced to Phillip Beach.

I will say this, he is a nice person, sometimes. He's a good person to talk to, and he likes to have a good time.

HOWEVER! Do not be deceived by his actions. He is the cataclysmic spawn of this generation.

I had a long day today. I was supposed to work an 8:30 AM shift until 3:30, PM but i was talked into staying all day (and i kinda need the money,) so i stayed.

It was actually rather nice in the morning. aside from the usual packs of kids, it was rather calm... and lonely. Usually, there are at least 2 guys running the entire concession booth. Phillip forgot that he had an 8:30 shift, So a whole bunch of managers started yelling at me for no reason, saying i should have called someone to help me. How was i supposed to know he wouldn't come in? I call him at 9:40, asking if he'd help me out. he does. at 1:30 PM. Furthermore, he shows up and instantly expect me to pick up all the crap customers so that his 'perfect' stats will get him a raise. i did it, only because he's worked here for 5 months, and i'm about to quit, so fine. whatever. I ask the same of him when i'm slammed and he's got no line at his register, and he doesn't lift a finger.

He continually resorts to violence to resolve his problems. He asks daily if i wanna put on boxing gloves and fight him, or some other physical challenge. I won't lie, he's kinda scrawny. he's got like 4 inches on me, but he's really thin. half of me wants to laugh when he says this, and the other half wants him to shut up. I want someone to kick his ass, so he'd finally shut his mouth, but i haven't hit the weights in 4 years..

He repeatedly defiles my trust in him. I asked him to take out trash, a sucky job, but completely sane request. He didn't do it, saying it "wasn't his responsibility". It's EVERYONE'S RESPONSIBILITY, DOUCHEBAG! I fill out my drawer with candy and lock it up for the night, telling Phillip to his face that he needs to do his candy list (the managers come and fill out candy based on sales, then lock the entire cabinet) Each drawer is a separate person's responsibility, so i tell him to do his. he agrees, but doesn't do it. I had to do his list while everyone was waiting on me to leave for the night. After the candy was delivered, the managers told us all but Phillip could leave (and Phillip had to stay, fill out candy, and cleat out a mini-fridge, yet he still blames this on me!)

I also cannot trust him to do anything. I needed hours because my weekly scheduele was wiped out by a computer's mistake. So my managers told me to take other people's shifts. Phillip came to me and asked if i'd take his. he promised me $20, so naturally i took it.I did his shift, and then ask for my money. he hands me 4 $1 wrapped in a $5. Son of a cheap bastard can't even keep a promise. Still owes me $11.

He is the shining example of everything i hate about the current generation. He:
1. continually treats women and anyone who does not agree with him as inferior to him,
2. considers everyone inferior to him as his army of butlers, only to serve him,
3. whines like a 2-day starved chihuahua when he's forced to do actual work
4. resorts to violence in every situation, whether it needs it or not.
5. defiles promises, and
6. is a stingy, cheap bastard.

If you are reading this, Phillip Beach of College Station, Texas, I hate you and every fiber of your being. The molecules that make up the cells in your brain have become motionless, devolving you to nothing more than a neanderthal, one who can barely be called human. I want my $11 you owe me, I want you to have an epiphany about your current actions and repent, and I want you, if nothing else, to GROW UP AND STOP TRYING TO USE VIOLENCE AS AN ANSWER TO EVERYTHING! I hate you with a more fiery hate than the heat of 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 suns! I really hope you atone for these almost inexuseable actions, for i hate to see another human life get cast down into the Pit of Hell for no real good reason.

To the Newgrounders, I'm sorry if this offended you in any way. i needed to get this off my chest. I mostly feel better, and will probably say this to his face tomorrow if i see him.

On a much lighter note, I'm gonna have some new music within the week, so stay tuned!

Thanks for listening to an old(er) man ramble...

Crosswinds AKA Matthew Prince


yay, out of high school!!!

2009-06-02 13:56:39 by Crosswinds

Don't Blink

Ok, that's a link for my new song on the market.


yeah, you guys don't care.

what this means for the rest of you, is that i'll have more time to make more music (and maybe flash... it depends if i can get any kind of flash w/o pirating...)

I do requests, so feel free to speak up! PM me or whatever!


2009-05-01 00:45:39 by Crosswinds

for those of you out of high school, congratulations.

for those still suffering through it, be glad for the wonders and joys of physics day!!!

greatest. day. ever.

Pay $40, and take a bus ride to skip out a whole day of class to ride roller coasters all day, all in the name of (pseudo) science! (you do like one physics problem out of 40)

if your school doesn't have one, fight for it! once-in-a-lifetime experience!


2009-04-12 00:03:30 by Crosswinds

I <3 Jesus. it's true.

Don't send me a bunch of blams, because Easter's in like an hour after i post this.

JC is my hero, savior, and good buddy. he makes me laugh, but sometimes he has a wicked sense of humor.

Wanna know how? just PM me. i'll tell u.

Or just do what all the other atheists do and blam/ignore. do whatever. your loss.

(p.s. peeps and cadbury eggs are AWESOME!!!)


2009-03-26 00:17:41 by Crosswinds

seriously, there's a joy in knowing there's an artist on the other side of the portal.

Ok, i'm really stupid/lazy and haven't had the time nor the patience to sit down, and get going with flash. So I make music. fine, whatever. The big thing is seeing a reaction from others! it totally makes my day!

So be cool, and Review More Often! it lets us know that there's somebody else out there, and not just like a big, animating robot who gives out 3s on all mediocre things.

Ok, i'll admit it. I'm a Nintendo Fan boy. I loved my brick of a Gameboy back in the early 90s (for the new guys, google pics of the brick gameboy).

That being said, I am OBSESSED, read OBSESSED with LMMS, because it has a function for tones of the Gameboy.


Oh, and the Gameboy is the best handheld system ever invented to date (still waiting on the whole virtual boy thing to work out...)

It had the best games (zelda, megaman, tetris, pokemon, burger time, all that good stuffs!), had the coolest noises, and was like the cheapest thing on the market!

so yeah... m obsessin on my former glory days.

but i'm just curious... what are y'alls memories on gameboy/pocket neo-geo/sega's thingee?

post a comment, would love to hear from ya!

Still living in memory lane...
Matt "Crosswinds" Prince

I've gotten to the point where I can finally submit music on this site! Freakin Lmms can't port directly to mp3, so i had to scrounge the interwebs to find a converter, which wouldn't work on .wav files, so i had to pray it took .ogg files. (praise Jesus!)

and now... i've got 3 songs out! Personal feelings on each track:

1. Final Fantasy Prelude Remix
I really don't expect this one to get past a 2. Everyone's heard this song and dance, but I was sooo proud when I made this one. I made it on a bus ride back home from a basketball game. Good times.

2. Gameboy Groove
Well, it started with a dinky tune that seemed to come from left field, but slowly turned into a pretty good techno song, if I say so myself (and i do, i thankya)

3. Marching Toward the Castle
Same with Gameboy Groove, this just came to me, and I thought: "i've heard this somewhere before, but I can't place my finger/hand/ass/random-body-part on it"

...Still with me down here? Thanks for taking the time to read the ramblings of a college-bound High school senior!